Getting The Love You Want

Workshop Description
Getting the Love You Want is a full weekend workshop experience based on the book of the same name by Harville Hendrix. While this workshop is delivered internationally by many different IMAGO therapists, Replenish Relationship workshops are led exclusively by Anna Gold and Tim Utting.

The workshop is designed to ‘meet’ couples where they are in their particular stage of relationship. It is renowned for its positive impact on any couple who wishes to enhance their connection, repair hurts and resentments, learn how to interrupt their core fight and change the pattern, or simply build a more meaningful relationship.

This engaging and powerful weekend is both experiential and educational in nature. It is commonly considered equivalent to 3-6 months of regular couples’ counselling. A main focus of the weekend is to teach couples Imago communication techniques, specifically the intentional dialogue, which is at the core of all IMAGO work. There are opportunities for participating with the leaders in order to model dialogue for the rest of the group, however this is entirely voluntary, and each couple can determine for themselves if they wish to do this. All couples have many opportunities to learn and practice within the safety and privacy of their own ‘couple-ship’.

Workshop Details:

Anna & Tim offer the Getting the Love You Want workshop approximately 4 times each year. These workshops are offered either in person or through a live virtual format which allows the opportunity for participants to join from many different locations. Each participant is provided with a workbook which is utilized throughout the workshop and contains helpful content and direction for continuing couples’ practice after the weekend is completed. 

Receipts are issued for the dates of the workshop. Receipts may be submitted to extended health care plans which cover the services of a registered social worker (MSW, RSW). Receipts can also be issued as ‘communications consulting’ for those participants who are able to utilize consulting services for their independent businesses.

The workshop is held Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday full days. Anna and Tim are happy to connect in advance of the workshop to answer any further questions participants may have before or after registering. Once a couple has registered, a letter is sent out which provides more specific details including specific timing, what to bring, what to expect, location details, etc….

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Upcoming Workshops

Getting The Love You Want

Virtual – $1000/per couple

  • November 15-17, 2024

Getting The Love You Want

Retreats – Price dependent on location*

  • October 24-27, 2024, Northern Edge, Algonquin
  • February 25-March 2, 2024, Tenerife, Spain

*Payment plans available


“The IMAGO Workshop with Anna & Tim transformed our commitment to marriage and provided the tools for the connection we’ve been struggling to find”.
– A. Smith

“A great starting point. Felt very respected, safe place, very useful tools and very realistic”.
– B. Jones

“The enthusiasm expressed by Anna & Tim is inspiring. Their genuine connection to each other demonstrates hope and happiness.” 
– K & R. Roberts



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