The thing about love is when you think
it’s losing spark, it ignites fire again because
love is an inferno, ever burning.
And if you think it does not work like this every time,
then I must tell you,
if it is love it does, always.
– Kavita


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We are no different from any couple…


We have conflict and we disconnect. However, what has been so important in maintaining the closeness of our relationship is our ability to repair and reconnect in a short period of time. We know that issues can fester and make for serious fractures in a partnership. We have found through our IMAGO journey these fractures can be repaired and healed. The use of ‘Dialogue’ as a method of communicating and understanding the hurts we cause each other has been essential in retrieving and maintaining the closeness, trust, respect and love that we feel for one another.


-Tim & Anna

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