Get Help For Your Relationship

Do you find yourselves arguing more than loving – losing the romance or afraid that will happen…

We offer support for couples to learn to love better and create a safe, satisfying, intimate, and healing relationship.

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The signature Getting The Love You Want Workshop runs throughout the week with
opportunities to integrate the material you are learning into non-workshop-related activities.

  • Organized excursions and free time will be incorporated
  • All meals and snacks are provided for days spent at the villa
  • Yoga and other activities will be offered throughout

Relationship Professionals

Offering support for couples to resolve differences, love better and create a safe, satisfying, romantic and healing relationship.


Imago experts serving couples and corporate teams.


Realizing opportunities for healing and growth through communication.


Communicating with and understanding each other.


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Interested in our other workshops?

Getting the Love You Want

Getting the Love You Want is a full weekend workshop experience based on the book of the same name by Harville Hendrix. While this workshop is delivered internationally by many different IMAGO therapists, Replenish Relationship workshops are led exclusively by Anna Gold and Tim Utting.

Getting Even More Love!
So you and your partner have completed a Getting the Love You Want Workshop and you want more support as you continue to dialogue and grow your conscious relationship. After completing the workshop, some couples look for a therapist to help them continue working on conscious connection, while others simply continue with the dialogue practice on their own. On the other hand, it is sometimes the case that couples never truly establish a regular dialogue practice, nor do they follow up with the many helpful exercises in the workbook, such as creating a relationship vision, and engaging in a ‘surprise list’ for one another.
Corporate Compassion:

Dialogue in the Work Environment

Ideally the world of work allows for both financial reward and personal/professional fulfillment. A key requirement in the kaleidoscope of change & demand in the business world is that owners, executives, managers and supervisors must keep their organizations working effectively and efficiently. This requires decision-makers to find the means to keep employees committed and productive to the tasks at hand, while building and maintaining a culture which inspires this.

Upcoming Workshops

Getting The Love You Want


  • November 17-19, 2023

Getting The Love You Want


  • October 24-27, 2024, Northern Edge, Algonquin
  • February 25-March 2, 2024, Tenerife, Spain