Corporate Compassion:

Dialogue in the Work Environment

Ideally, the world of work allows for both financial reward and personal/professional fulfillment. A key requirement in the kaleidoscope of change & demand in the business world is that owners, executives, managers, and supervisors must keep their organizations working effectively and efficiently. This requires decision-makers to find the means to keep employees committed and productive to the tasks at hand while building and maintaining a culture that inspires this.

As many Human Resources studies show (CLICK HERE for an example) keeping employee commitment and productivity high is extremely difficult because it means keeping one’s workforce happy. Often HR departments responsible for employee wellness bring in specialists who are trained in areas of personality assessment or corporate restructuring. While these are often helpful, they do not necessarily provide the skills & opportunities to bridge existing gaps between employees and management, nor necessarily improve communications with customers or clients.

Additionally, there appears to be an underlying or pre-existing problem that has lately been exacerbated by the geographical distance created by the pandemic. Disconnection within corporate structures is increasingly a problem. How does one area of a business stay connected to what is taking place elsewhere? How can information be shared, duplication reduced, and misunderstandings averted or repaired?

Tim and Anna address cultural and operational challenges by providing new skills in order to enhance communication as an organization; both for resolving internal challenges as well as external communications. They support organizations in addressing underlying issues, problematic systems or processes, current “bones of contention”, and/or misunderstandings impacting present-day practices. They also teach basic, seemingly simple, yet highly effective, communication processes.

While honouring the integrity of each organization and the boundaries established in the roles and hierarchies within, Anna and Tim work to engage all participants in creating a healthy and respectful process. They set up an environment that offers a high level of integrity, as they help to examine and explore differences of opinions and perspectives impacting the culture of the organization.

Tim and Anna believe that learning to listen and comprehend what someone else is expressing is vital for people working within the same organization. Hierarchies tend to create top-down monologues. Even companies and organizations with a progressive philosophy on these matters can struggle with allowing space and time for thorough and connected input from all levels. When healthy communication tools are offered, the element of fear is removed. In other words,’ I can hear you if I’m not afraid of what you are going to tell me.

While it takes an investment of time to learn how to listen well and understand each other, Anna and Tim believe that a healthy and responsive corporate environment will result in greater respect and employee engagement and consequently increased productivity and creativity.

Through the Corporate Connections workshop/program, Tim and Anna offer organizations a customized opportunity to reach greater levels of efficiency, and effectiveness and create a more engaged and positive work culture. Clear communication allows every person to succeed regardless of their diverse experiences, decision-making responsibilities, or job description.


“The IMAGO Workshop with Anna & Tim transformed our commitment to marriage and provided the tools for the connection we’ve been struggling to find”.
– A. Smith

“A great starting point. Felt very respected, safe place, very useful tools and very realistic”.
– B. Jones

“The enthusiasm expressed by Anna & Tim is inspiring. Their genuine connection to each other demonstrates hope and happiness.” 
– K & R. Roberts



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